Lake Rawlings is a full-service diving destination, offering SCUBA diving, camping, instructional services in Scuba Diving, First Aid/CPR/AED/Oxygen Administration, and other specialized services to our guests.Lake Rawlings is a full-service diving destination, offering SCUBA diving, camping, instructional services in Scuba Diving, First Aid/CPR/AED/Oxygen Administration, and other specialized services to our guests.All prices are subject to change without notice.Please be patient as we complete the re-structuring of Lake Rawlings. It may take longer than anticipated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VisaPlease Note:A credit card, C-card, or driver’s license is required as collateral on all equipment rentals.All rentals and free air fills are same day services.One day rental equipment used overnight must be turned by 09:30am the following morning or is subject to an additional days rental.A MasterCard cannot be used for cabin rentals.Specials and DiscountsWeekend Diver Package3 days diving, 2 nights camping (Friday to Sunday, or Saturday to Monday), up to 3 free air fills (one fill each day) $75.00Diver Admission & Rental PackageYour daily admission and full rental package for one low price. Comes with unlimited air fills! $100.00Camper Annual Contract

$500.00Group Diving and/or Camping DiscountGroups of 10 or more save when the group leader submits all fees and waivers for the entire group, whether diving, camping, or both! NITROX Fill Card: 10 fills(save $45.00) $135.00Recreational Diver – 10 admit pass1 diver for 10 days, 10 divers for 1 day, or anything in between! (save $50.00) $225.00Air Fill Card: 10 fills(save $20.00) $70.00Air Fill Card: 20 fills(save $65.00) $115.00DivingPlease note that off-the-street swimmers are not allowed on weekends.Free Diver Single Day Admission $15.00Scuba Diver Single Day Admission(Thursday to Tuesday) $28.00Scuba Diver Single Day Admission(Wednesday) $15.00Scuba Diver 10 Day Pass $225.00Swimmer, Snorkler, or Visitor(Weekend Adult) $7.00Swimmer, Snorkler, or Visitor(Weekend Child under 10) $5.00Swimmer, Snorkler, or Visitor(Weekday) $5.00Children under 6 FreeCampingCabin rentals are for 1-6 people

Electric Hookup(Up to 4 campers; reservation required) $45.00Cabin Rental2 nights Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday $185.00Cabin RentalPer night Friday to Sunday $125.00Cabin RentalPer night Monday to Thursday $100.00Shelter Rental, weekend $25.00Shelter Rental, weekday $15.00Air FillsNeed Air? Lake Rawlings has 45 cubic feet per minute (CFM) capability in our compressor line and 6900 CF of banked Air storage. We also have EANx32 (NITROX 32) banked with 1200 CF of dedicated storage. Other blends (%) available on request.Our onsite Bauer trained compressor technician and tained staff are always there to ensure you get the best in breathing air. Testing is accomplished quarterly and daily maintenance is performed and logged whenever compressors are used to ensure you always get Grade E / Oxygen Compatible Air (OCA).Stop in and let us show you how all this comes together for your quality Air or NITROX fill.Visual Inspection out of date?

We have the professionals that can solve this for you. With our VIP program we log the findings of your scuba tank everytime we viz it to ensure minor items (if any) never become a problem.Air Fill $9.00Nitrox Fill $18.00EquipmentOur rental shop can help make sure you have the right gear for your dives. Computer batteries die? No problem. Want to explore the far reaches of the lake but don’t want to swim that hard? We’ve got underwater scooters to make your trip a breeze!Of course, we also offer the usual assortment of diving services, including air fills, cameras, and more gadgets and gear than you can hang off your BC!Complete Scuba

Package(BCD, tank, regulator, console, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, and boots; UNLIMITED AIR FILLS) $75.00Scuba Unit – Yoke(BCD, tank, regulator, UNLIMITED AIR FILLS) $50.00Scuba Unit – DIN(BCD, tank, regulator) $55.00Tank + unlimited air fills $17.50Tank w/DIN + unlimited air fills $20.00NITROX Tank + unlimited fills $30.00Dry Suit(limited inventory, w/undergarment) $50.00Full Wet Suit (3mm or 6.5mm) $25.00Shortie Wet Suit $15.00BCD w/low pressure inflater $20.00Regulator w/SPG console $25.00Dive computer (Sherwood Wisdom) $25.00Hood $6.00Booties $6.00Gloves $6.00Mask and snorkel $6.00Fins $6.00Pocket weight belt $6.00Weights, per pound (soft or hard) $0.30AccessoriesKayak, single or double, all day $25.00Kayak, single or double, half day $15.00Underwater camera (digital) $35.00Strobe for underwater camera $15.00Underwater flashlight, large $13.00Underwater flashlight, small $10.00Underwater compass w/retractor $15.00SASY (Surface Air System – for children under 12) $25.00Life jacket $1.00Private UseFilming a movie or just throwing a really big party?

Go ahead and take the entire property! The lake is available for private use to qualified parties.As a service to the diving community and related specialized groups, Lake Rawlings is available for Private Use of Property to qualified individuals, groups, organizations, public service agencies, and/or the private sector. Fees will vary according to the nature of the activity and the season. The most reasonable rates for Private Use of

.Please include the following elements in your proposal:the name of the group or organization, name and phone numberaddress (street, city, state, zip)nature of the activityduration of the activity (include dates)Someone will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your proposal, and to discuss how your objectives compare to the overall standards developed by Lake Rawlings staff. If you or your organization qualifies, a Private Use Agreement will be developed and executed to the satisfaction of all interested parties.During the private use period

Lake Rawlings management and staff shall remain on-site and maintain control of the property at all times.Annual ContractsLake Rawlings offers two types of annual contracts.One is specifically designed to support our hard working Public Safety Divers and Military. This contract allows you and your dive team to come and use Lake Rawlings during the week to train. Come enjoy Lake Rawlings great facility to get the most out of your training time and dollar.Camping contract allows you and your immediate family members to enjoy storage of your recreational vehicle and camping at Lake Rawlings for a full year at one great price.